Marjani Viola Hawkins/MVHPhoto Interview Exclusive Part 1/2

Interview segment where I chat about my latest music addictions, superpowers and future aspirations! Check out Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!


down with Sunday

This blog is for many purposes, I do not intend to just complain. But, complaining is just so much fun. I thought I had to go to work at 10:45 this morning so I figured I needed to wake up by 8. (Since my job is like 35 minutes away). I started dreading it from the night before; it was all I COULD THINK ABOUT…not wanting to go, etc. So I get home and I am in such a tizzy, that I forget to set my alarm. Then from sheer anxiety about missing my alarm and/or having to get up in the first place, I do not sleep well. I fall asleep around 4 am, and end up waking up at 10am. Shit, right? Well, let me bring up this point: I was not even 100% sure I had to work!

So I get up (tired as I have ever been in my life, literally sick from fatigue) and I start getting dressed. I decide to call my boss when I am on the freeway and it is 11:00am by this point. She was like “oh, you don’t work today, I don’t think, but can you come in anyway from 3-7?” So here I am fully dressed and 2/3 of the way to work. I turn all the way back around. I have to admit that everything is my fault here. I should have known my schedule and I wouldn’t have had to call, and therefore would not have to work today. I should have also went to bed at 10pm or something, knowing I would have anxiety for 2 hours about the next day. Might as well give myself 2 hours to calm down. Ha ha.

HERE I AM. waiting, patiently for 2:00pm to arrive so I can go to my shift. I feel like someone has hit me all over my body with a baseball bat. I DON’T LIKE SUNDAYS.