Thriftqueened Clothing + Hard Candy Zine

I had the opportunity to photograph the Fall/Winter Collection for Thriftqueened Clothing which will be featured in the super-cool feminist zine, Hard Candy.
Here are some shots from the preparation and also a sneak peak at one of the final images!
If you live in the Phoenix area and would like to schedule a portrait photo-shoot, contact me at mvhphoto or facebook/marjanivphotography
Stay tuned for more on this shoot and other projects!
Instagram: Behind the Scenes

Model: India Jane Loiselle
Makeup: Rockin Rouge Makeup by Heather Howard
Stylist: Vara Ayanna /Thriftqueened


Neon Indian

This headband is one of my favorite items in my collection of accessories–found it at a thrift shop on my 18th birthday! It’s handmade, bound by animal hide and reinforced by brass staples-I keep it in a special bag to protect it and only wear it yearly because it’s so delicate!
Right click to view larger image!