Marjani Viola Hawkins/MVHPhoto Interview Exclusive Part 1/2

Interview segment where I chat about my latest music addictions, superpowers and future aspirations! Check out Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!



Ah, I am bored. What is new? (Not me being bored obviously). I hate Sunday’s. I feel they should be banished from the calendar. I know they exist for the party animals to let their livers regenerate. And for the church goers to pack into a place of prayer for a few hours before they go into the day to be ornery and full of ridicule. Oops. That slipped.

Anyway, I was thinking about a few phrases that I find ridiculous. Allow me to share.

1) “day-to-day” example: “Beth always makes sure she applies those principles to her day-to-day life”. This bothers me so much. WHAT OTHER TYPE OF LIFE DO YOU HAVE BUT DAY-TO-DAY? It is such a mindless, overused statement. News flash, everything we do is day-to-day. That is what life is: days. It is trying to say that some things are menial, and done daily and at other times we participate in things that are not “day-to-day” like, marching in the Macy’s Day Parade alongside Rihanna. I get it, alright. I just find it annoying.

2) “giving back” example: “I am doing my best to “give back” to the community by volunteering.” GIVING BACK WHAT? I have noticed some things about “a community” and let me tell you, I am not sure it can take much of what it dishes out! Community is an illusion anyway. It is just a bunch of people who do not like each other, an array of grocery stores and schools, forced on everyone equally. “Helping out” would be a much more acceptable catch-phrase here.

3) “sexual favor” example: “you must report if anyone asks you for a unwanted sexual favor” Oh jee, well I did not know sexual activity was a gift to someone. Like,
“here, let me help you out with a nice sexual favor, sweetie!” Sexual contact in whatever context is not lovingly bestowed upon some lucky individual. That is just nonsense. This one is basically working related jargon, not something said in conversations, but it still makes me uneasy.

I am sure I can think of some more horrifying phrases; there are plenty to go around!

La vie boheme!