The Day the Kid Turned 21

My devotion to my blog has been somewhat lax. But ya’ll don’t want to hear that-you want to hear some juicy gossip or something remotely interesting. Well, I have plenty, but the internet has a way of saving things for all eternity to bite you later, so I have got to keep it PG.

I went to San Diego for my 21st birthday; my god, what a beautiful place. it was my first time going there. I’m always in awe of California, the green and the scenic freeways and that lofty, high wind never ceases to amaze me. I was born and raised in CA, and I certainly miss it. I love the vibration every time I go there, it feels “right”, but when I drove into Arizona again, it was like tears were brought to my eyes! The cactus, the stark sunset, the wild feeling of it all, was so lovely, that I just might have to admit that although California was my home for 13 years, I just might be an AZ girl to some capacity. But then again, I don’t really know, I bet an extensive stay in CA would change my mind right back!

In other news, musical news…Whitney. Okay, let’s get my two-cent’s in. That woman was absolutely GORGEOUS and her voice was an entity. But for whatever reason, she was deeply unhappy and influenced by the man her life, and it ultimately was her downfall. Drugs, alcohol, whatever…both in combination, basically did her in. It just makes me wonder how I would have fared with the same media attention and dollars in my bank account; celebrities don’t seem to do well with their fame and riches.

From the outside they seem greedy and unaware of how hard it is to survive for the “average” person; but maybe it’s a lot harder to survive in the public eye than it appears. Who knows? The moral is drugs kill: dreams, people, anything, really. So, R.I.P. to a wonderful, beautiful woman and an incredible talent.

Here are a few pictures from my vacation!

La Vie Boheme!