Drinking coffee, watching the rain and having fun~
Some photos by MVHPhoto…some by Bob

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Saturday in the City

What a great day in the city at the Clarendon Hotel, Lux Central, & Postino Winecafe! Also, my photo of Henry Gray, and Bob Corritore is up on the wall at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix which is very exciting, so of course I had to stop in to commemorate the accomplishment! Style-wise, that day I recreated the awesome ‘hair pineapple’ style that I have seen on a few beauty blogs, and I think it turned out pretty cool! Pictured dining choices: breve iced coffee with one extra shot from Lux Central, 4 bruschetta selections from Postino, & a margarita from the Clarendon! All photos by MVHPhoto.

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Neon Indian

This headband is one of my favorite items in my collection of accessories–found it at a thrift shop on my 18th birthday! It’s handmade, bound by animal hide and reinforced by brass staples-I keep it in a special bag to protect it and only wear it yearly because it’s so delicate!
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Wild Thing

Life has been so busy lately, it’s hard to put together something cute on the go, when I know I should be doing study guides and assignments rather than admiring my wardrobe.

Luckily, this simple combination of high-waisted shorts, a plain v-neck and slide-on loafers made getting dressed much easier.

This incredibly cute and inexpensive leopard print hoodie (snagged it for 8 dollars!) and semi-opaque leggings add a touch of style to an another wise drab outfit.

Off to my classes!

Love and Devotion

As football fans cheer for their favorite teams, I’m busy doing my own victory dance over these beautiful floral boots- a new and much loved addition to my wardrobe.

I flipped out when I tried on these babies and found that they fit like a glove (and only took a 20 out of my wallet!!!) Talk about a great find!
I paired them with skin-tight olive jeggings and this trippy (but still sophisticated) iridescent blouse, that I bought in downtown Phoenix for only 3 dollars!

31 Days of Halloween Fashion: October 14

October 14, 2012

This whole outfit did not even break a 20 dollar bill: now that’s how you shop! The pattern of the blouse reminds me of Donovan, I feel he would wear something similar which made it even more of a must-have for me. I love the nifty little tie that came with the shirt, but I outgrew my necktie phase back in middle school so I wrapped it into a bow instead!

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