The Detox: Day 6- An Update

Alright ya’ll! It’s now day 6 of my 30 Day Detox and I have decided it would be best to post when I feel significant physical/mood changes and basically update about how skinny I am getting {ha ha!}. It would get monotonous to read essentially the same information for 30 days.


  • I have been still having off and on days but for the most part I am getting in 7-10 hours a night.


  • Haven’t worked out since Day #1! I have been so busy! I need to get back on the treadmill this week!


  • My diet has been the same for the past week: lots of vegetables (mushrooms, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, etc), tons of lettuce, sunflower seeds and water. Also, I have been eating the same fruit pretty routinely (bananas, oranges, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, etc). I need to incorporate different fruit this week like berries and grapes.

Physical differences/changes:

  • I feel GREAT today-woke up without an alarm and felt rested and alert. Even though it’s mid-day I have not experienced a slump and I am still as energetic as the morning. My body feels much lighter and I have lost a little bit of weight. I feel better all around! Best day of energy so far!


  • My mood was very low on Sunday (2/24) but I have bounced back and feel great, emotionally. My cravings have changed! I am now craving healthy food as opposed to burgers and pizza because I feel so good that I do not jeopardize my physical stamina by eating horrible food. Today before getting lunch, I immediately thought of fruit before Taco Bell! This is a major change!

I am getting thinner!

*1 is low-10 is high*

Overall Energy (1-10): 10

Overall Sleepiness (1-10): 1

Overall Mood: (1-10) 8.5


2 thoughts on “The Detox: Day 6- An Update

    • Thanks so much! I love any encouragement I can get. Its hard to not break down and go get a carne asada burrito and wash it down with an orange soda. ha ha but that’s great i bet your very healthy! BTW i like your instagram, great photos!

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