The Detox: A Prelude

If you know me, you are quite aware that I do not treat my body right. I abuse the privileged of being young and when I say abuse, I mean that I’m shocked that my systems haven’t just shut down already after years of horrible habits. If you don’t know me, let me fill you in on how I have been torturing my poor body:

-Insane daily sugar intake. I’m a self-professed “soda” addict. I don’t drink a 6 pack or a 2 liter a day or anything, but over the past 10 years I have consumed way too much soda, and often have intense sugar cravings if I don’t drink SOMETHING containing sugar. I get grumpy and listless if I can’t have even a sip of a soft drink during the day. Soda is my main indulgence, but I essentially have a sugar addiction.

-Inadequate water intake. Let’s put it this way: it takes me a 5 day week to drink a gallon of water. Water cups line my room and they’re all 1/3 or 1/8 full-and often have been sitting there for days. I have to verbally say “Drink this cup of water” or force myself to finish a glass by telling myself things like, “You can’t leave the house until you drink this water.” I’m guilty of carrying around a half full water bottle for days. I am very very very dehydrated and have been functioning on this level for almost 8 years. I just don’t like water and crave sugar, it’s horrible. I have to change this. I know my low energy levels are mostly in part to dehydration.

-Abysmal diet. I am liable to consume whatever food I want whenever I want. I go through bouts of healthy eating that only last a week before I return to my devious ways. I eat so much pizza that it’s disgusting, and I love burgers, and other processed food. But mostly pizza. Any kind and in any form: Microwaveable to gourmet! Deep dish to hot pockets! I eat pizza almost 6 days a week. Just reading that makes me sick.

Ingesting drugs even though my body hates them. When I say drugs I mean alcohol and caffeine or the occasional cigarette (I’m not a smoker. I will have a few cigs maybe once every month or even two months). When I’m tired I will toss back Coca Cola or an energy drink-which is bad news. Caffeine makes me wired and frantic and migrane-prone, but I still do it when I really dragging. Nicotine is also a stimulant and when I am stressed I may smoke-which only leads to over stimulation and insufficient sleep patterns. Same with alcohol: since I am already dehydrated, booze only dries out my body more! If I drink too much I have hangovers from hell even though I’m only 22. A night of drinking (more than 5 shots of alcohol or 4 glasses of wine or 3 mixed drinks), I will without a doubt wake up wishing I didn’t. It takes 24-36 hours to recover from a particular wild night. Basically: I don’t bounce back quickly.

-Inactivity. I don’t work out. If I do, I can do a max of 2 days per week of running on the treadmill for 15-20 min before I run out of motivation and go back to sloth mode. I HAVE stuck to diet/excessive regimens in the past to loose weight quick, but afterward I gain the weight back and resume my daily routine of eating pizza and going to sleep.

Insomnia and odd sleep patterns. General stress and over-thinking have led me, over the years to being a pretty bad sleeper. I used to be able to sleep everyday for 10 hours and would NEED 8-9 hours to FUNCTION. (Hmm, not a good sign) Now, I feel lucky to get 6 hours because I often toss and turn and wake up feeling pretty horrible. Getting “good rest” is usually unpredictable.

After all of this body abuse, I still manage to look like this:

Why? Well, again my youth is the reason for my clear skin, slim waistline and fairly proportionate figure (for my height and weight). Like most young people, I look good on the outside but am withering away on the inside. I am extremely unhealthy and generally feel like shit everyday.

After a particularly rough day of low energy, headaches and irritability- I decided enough is enough: its time to do something to change my health and habits once and for all. I am lucky to not have diabetes or any physical problems due to my unhealthy habits and want to make sure I don’t get any diseases by changing my life while I still can! This is the challenge for 30 days. (I hope to extend past 30 days and make a life style change, but let’s start small here). Here are the guidelines I am going to follow to improve my overall health.

-Consume at LEAST a liter of water a day

-Do some form of cardio at least 3 times per week

-Go to sleep by midnight every night and wake up by 10 am every morning

-Completely eliminate alcohol, nicotine and caffiene

-Eat only raw fruit and vegetables for 6 days out of the week, with one “cheat day” where I can eat a bread product (pastry,a slice of pizza) or some form of processed food. (fries, a burger, Ramen) (Hey I don’t want to drive myself crazy here!)

I have the worst will power when it comes to these types of things, so I will be blogging for 30 days documenting my moods, physical changes, and general differences I notice as I go through this “detox” and start to be more healthy. Feel free to leave me encouragement! Stay tuned!


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