I'm Not Getting a Sig' on My Beeper: Vegas The Finale

The beginning of a two-day hangover:


Pretty Lights! Vegas Day ll Part ll

Once the sun set, we went in all the designer clothing shops with our daiquiri’s in hand!

Who Doesn't Like Dramatic Endings?

The conclusion of my short story, “The Lounge” is coming soon! If you haven’t read parts 1-4, here they are:





Sexy Ladies N' Hot Bikes: The Preparation

I had a wonderful time modeling in photos and a commercial for Dark Pearl Photography and Stunt World Magazine. The very talented make-up artist, Sica Saucedo did an amazing job spicing up our looks for this project!
The filming was done at Margarita Rocks in Tempe, AZ on December 8th; many bikers came out to lend our team crotch-rockets for the photo shoot.  Overall, the pictures and video turned out incredible and I cannot wait to share the final images and commercial with you all in a few weeks! STAY TUNED!