The Lounge: Part 2

Part 2


The sky had on a navy blue tuxedo with accents of white; it gazed at us as we followed behind Karen’s 2002 Jeep Wrangler. It was only 10 minutes to her house from the Triangle Lounge. We pulled up to the side of her place and parked, “Listen Rae, let’s just check it out and leave in a few hours.” Christina’s green eyes were glistening with a mix of fear and concern.

“Maybe you should have a few beers and you wouldn’t be such a bitch.” I quipped back, mocking her for her attitude towards me just four hours previous.

Her response was a stony glare.

I continued, “Apparently the tables have turned huh? No, but really, don’t worry about it, we’re fine, alright?” I was trying to be tough even though I was nervous too.

Karen led us to the front door and disengaged the lock with a gold key, “Here we are! Come in, make yourself comfortable!”

Her home was cozy, suburban and well lit, the color scheme of the place was green and white; there were two elaborate woven rugs on the wooden floor and lining the walls were various picture frames that held watercolor paintings of fish.. My pepper spray was hiding in the left cup of my bra; I was trying to relax about my frivolous and spontaneous decision to go home with a stranger whose last name was unknown to me.

“Want a beer, girls? We can go out by the pool and have a swim. Got a patio and a TV out there, you can sit ‘en smoke…” Karen broke away to the kitchen and returned with three Bud Light cans.

“Alright cool.” Christina took initiative to start moving toward the pool area, her bedazzled jeans caught the lamp light in the room and glinted. We followed close behind her and went through the sliding door that led to an immense turquoise pool flanked by reclining lounge chairs near a wrap-around bar. There was a small television affixed to the wall of the bar.

Karen and I stood by the perimeter of the water and stared into the hypnotizing pool lights while Christina stationed herself bar side with her beer and cigarettes. The dull murmur of a television program filled the air seconds after she lifted the remote toward the set.

I turned to address Karen, “So when are you planning to kill me?” I was drunk and feeling audacious.

“HAW HAW HAW HAW! Come on now! You really think I’d do something crazy to you?” Karen stared at the side of my face before continuing, leaving no time for me to formulate a snarky reply, “I wouldn’t hurt you okay?” Her tone was adamant but gentle. My shoulders relaxed a little as I watched her take a pack of Menthol Pall Mall’s from her back pocket, remove one and light it; she ran her other hand through her hair from the crown and it fell back in luscious waves. “Wanna get in the pool?”

I had on combat boots and stockings and a skirt.

“I can’t get in with all this on!”

“Well come on take it off!” she teased and punched me in the arm, playfully.

 I removed my boots and my socks and stood there with my skirt and black nylons on.

“Wanna to take those off?” Karen inquired.

I said yes but found myself frozen in place from a sudden wave of shyness.

“Well let’s go in the room real quick, I can help you take them off.”

I said okay very obediently and was led back through the sliding door, to a side bedroom that was kind of dark with wood paneled walls and a sufficient amount of clutter.  There was also a floral couch and a big, soft looking double bed; we sat very close to each other on the sofa and there was ambient yellow light illuminating us from above. I do not recall what we were saying but suddenly we were quiet and Karen was looking deeply into my eyes.

All of my fear seemed to have vanished: I had surrendered myself to the flow of the moment. Karen smiled at my mouth and then her gaze traveled back to my eyes. I was feeling tranquil and had just begun to think of  a shade of blue that could adequately describe the color of her irises, when she kissed me.

My eyelids fluttered shut when our lips made contact. I could not have formed a thought even if I wanted to; a chill of pleasure raced from my spine to the back of my ears and buzzed momentarily in my skull.

She smelled like cigarettes and beer but not in a gross way but in a cool, sophisticated adult way. The same scent you detect when you are a small child hugging the grown-ups at a party as they leave the house when the festivities come to a close: cold leather, smoke and liquor… Her kiss was hollow on my kiss and was becoming increasingly passionate, our lips were firmly pressed together and she started to explore my mouth with her tongue, sending a wild jolt of lust through my body that eventually settled in my groin.

There was the sound of footsteps at a distance, coming toward doorway to the hidden room. We ignored it. I was blindly wrapping my hands through her hair as she was taking her kiss to the sensitive spot on my neck…that was when Christina announced herself, “Uh, hello! What the hell? Is there anymore beer? Are you guys going to come out and swim or what?” she spat, before stomping off in a brazen show of fury.


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