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The Lounge: Part 4


“Raelene…ay, Raelene…”

I heard Karen calling in the distance.

“Listen Christina, you better get your ass sober and take us home or…or…else!” I vehemently threatened her.

“Look. Raelene.” Christina stared at me with green eyes glistening in fury. “YOU are the one who got us in the situation, okay. Don’t be a bitch. I’m drinking…but I will sober up in an few hours but until then, you better deal with it. Go deal with the girl you wanted so badly.” She spat and walked away toward the kitchen. My blood felt like it had transformed into hot poison as it coiled wildly through my body. My head felt like it would implode from anger.

Karen came up from behind me and put her strong tan arms around my body; she smelled of chlorine and I melted at her touch. “Rae…” The violent rage I had felt just seconds before started to dissipate.

She kissed me behind ear, right on the sensitive part of my neck. “Don’t be mad at me.” she whispered. “Let’s go dry off and have another beer, k? You a’ight?” she asked gently.

“Yeah, yeah alright, I’m cool. It’s just you’re married…you’re wife…I…”

“Don’t worry, okay. I wouldn’t hurt ya. Everything is okay. She ain’t here and ain’t comin'” Karen reassured me with firmness as she took my hand and led me back to the wood-paneled side bedroom.

She plopped down on the bed, watching me from her perch. I surveyed the contents of the cramped bedroom: books strewn all over, random gold keys on the dresser and wooden table, unopened mail that had been delivered to her address first class.

“Watchu doin’, come lay down with me.” She smiled boldly.

I obliged. I sunk into the soft mattress on the queen sized bed and found myself wrapped in her arms once more. I was not nervous and did not expecting anything. “So, I…” the words were barely out of my mouth, when Karen gently grabbed my chin and pulled me in for a kiss. Her lips worked mine open, forcefully, within seconds her tongue was in my mouth. I did not relent but passionately responded to the gesture. A subdued moan issued from my throat as she began to manipulate my hair away from my face and gain dominion over my body; in a swift motion she rearranged her lean figure on top of me and urged me to lie beneath her. The weight of her body pressed into my form mixed with the sexual aggressive move only intensified our kisses. I did not know what was about happen; my mind had gone blank with lust. Suddenly she drew back from our embrace, straddling me as she unclasped her bra. I gazed up at her, emotionless, and I considered her body. Her breasts were small and perky.  “JILL” was tattooed over the left one.

 That must be her wife’s name.  I thought.

Her body was completely youthful and impeccable, appeared to be not a day over 25. She had a 50 year olds’ face and 25 year olds’ body.

She leaned back over me; her left breast was above my face. With one hand Karen cradled the back of my head and forced my face upward, my closed mouth made contact with her pink nipple.

“Suck on it, come on.” She instructed me and I complied. Her nipple was hard but the surrounding skin was soft and supple on the tip of my tongue. Her moans were deep and agonized as she rubbed her hand between my legs. I reacted to the touch; the pressure caused a chill to race throughout my body.

“Oh my god…” I whispered in anticipation.

“Yeah? Suck on the other one.”

I put my mouth on her other nipple, as she simultaneously took her touch from the outside of my panties to the inside and made contact with my vagina. Everything was happening so fast. She had my legs pinned open and my pussy lips were parted, allowing her exploratory access.

I did not have to ask.

Two fingers went deep inside of my wet cunt which involuntarily tightened on contact. Karen was working around the hollow space with surprising skill: it felt better than a penis or a sex toy.

“…Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!” my head sunk deeper into the bed pillows, as she cradled my arching back and continued to finger fuck me with the other hand.

“Like that baby? Come on. Come on.”

Only a minute had passed before I felt the first signs of an orgasm spread over my body. Each of my senses was on fire and my mind was blank as she fucked me. Seconds elapsed. She was grabbing my back and digging into it as I came: my body rocked back and forth and the sensation pounded through me with such agonizing intensity that I could not even scream.

I collapsed immediately after the initial peak had subsided. My cunt felt like a ruptured bulb. I was dripping wet and too sensitive to be touched anymore.

I knew it was my turn and allowed her to ease me into performing the action. She did not say a word and did not have too. I watched her remove her panties and reveal her perfect cunt: I was mesmerized. It looked like an untouched rose: absolutely flawless and hairless. Not what I had expected.

Straddling me, she inched her body closer to my face. My head rested between her open legs and I watched in silence, only closing my eyes when her pussy made contact with my lips and I opened my mouth to please her. The taste was familiar and I greedily worked my tongue into the wet space. Karen responded graciously, by rocking her hips in a rhythmic motion over my face, making my tongue roll over her clit and back down over and over again.

I put my hands on her ass, it was small and soft, her skin felt like silk.

She was completely youthful and pure like a model that was insured for millions of dollars and had not let their skin experience the environmental abuse of daily life.

Enjoying her pussy, I closed my eyes and let her ravage me. She moved my hands from her tiny waist, pinning them above my head and held them down as she rode my face. Her screams were becoming louder with each passing moment and I knew it would be over soon.

Her thighs tightened their grip around my head. There was a long pause and she held her pussy down over my face and stopped moving, but her entire body was contracted in pleasure. A shrill squeak pierced the air before she rolled off of me and collapsed seconds later.

We do not say a word to each other for 10 minutes. I stared at the ceiling as my breathing slowly returned to normal.

“Ya know what?” She broke the silence.


“You’re so sexy…you have a great ass. And nice tits. They’re nearly perfect.” She laughed and turned to look at me.

I scoff, “Nearly?”


I was offended. “Uh, why nearly?”

“Well…well because nothin’s perfect.”

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Essence @ Char's Has the Blues- November 06, 2012

Just an hour after the announcement of President Obama’s victory of being reelected to a second term in office I found myself venturing into the night and stopping at Char’s Has the Blues, a jazz and blues nightclub in downtown Phoenix, AZ better known as simply, Char’s. The club was small and intimate; I noticed the cozy atmosphere right away that was created by extremely dim overhead lighting and exclusive seating areas near the entrance and also within the interior flanks. The crowd, mostly consisting of patrons approximately 30 years old + sat in various places in the club, including near the full bar where the bartender provided friendly service and delicious beverages.

To celebrate my mother’s birthday, we indulged in Vodka Cranberry’s and Pina Coloda’s at amazing prices and settled at a side table to enjoy the live music. Essence, the headlining band of the night, excited the crowd with dazzling jazz melodies that were mixed with beautiful nuances and splendid subtleties that clearly showcased their talent. Shaun Johnson, the lead vocalist, smoothly crooned through many classic hits such as Michael Jackson’s, “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)” and “Bustin’ Out (On the Funk)” by Rick James. At one point in the evening, Johnson invited my mother on stage and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ with soulful accuracy, much to her extreme shock before continuing on with the designated set list.

The band, which is comprised of Sonte Vales, the lead guitarist, Dbazz who plays bass and Lawrence Ross on keyboards, delivered each song with marked passion that showed a deep and genuine appreciate for performance and music. The drummer, Jamarl Baker aka JB That Drum Killa executed every beat with brilliant precision and gracefully carried the quintet through each moment. The tiny crowd in Char’s Has the Blues responded to classy and equally impressive lineup with applause; a few of the club-goers took to the dance floor to sashay to the melody.

At the conclusion of the band’s lively set, the crowd disbursed for the night, either exiting from the small parking lot or lingering outside of Char’s for a smoke and conversation. As a whole, Essence was thoroughly impressive and deserves much recognition for their inexplicable talent and prodigious showmanship.

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Nov 6th

I cannot even imagine our country without Barack Obama. I don’t want to imagine it. Because without him this world will be worse than it ever has been before. Mitt Romney aims to kill and torture women by denying them health care and control over their own bodies. His innate hatred for women can be acted upon with a term as president . Hatred for women. Misogyny. His blatant, blatant misogyny and homophobia… it’s almost shocking that a candidate like him could even convince the people that his way is the right way. But then again the world is full of racist, misogynistic, homophobes…so i guess it makes sense. I can only pray and pray and pray that for once good prevails against evil.

The Lounge: Part 3

“Oh my goodniss girl, what’s with ya friend?” Karen’s eyes were sparkling in the room light. She was leaning in real close and I could smell her skin: men’s pine body wash and a woman’s perfume that I could not name.

“It’s nothing, I don’t know. Maybe we should just go for a swim…”

“Alright ‘den.” She stood up and pulled the cotton tank top over her head, then unpeeled the jeans from her legs; I stood and watched, completely transfixed. She wore boxers and a bra. She was thin and beautiful.

I then began to disrobe and she watched me, finally everything was off except for my bra and lacy black panties. We walked outside into the cool air and rushed to dip our toes into the aquamarine water. Christina was sitting by the bar, looking surly. “Coming in?” I yelled over to her.

“No. I just wanted you guys to come out here. I don’t want to swim,  just tell me where the beer is.”

“In the fridge inside, you ‘ken go in iff ya want.” Karen told Christina, unaffected by her gruffness.

When Christina disappeared into the kitchen for libation, Karen took my hand into hers and led me down the steps of the pool. The water was subzero.

Suddenly, she let go of my hand and broke away then submerged herself completely into the water and came up like a graceful mermaid, “Come on! Get in here!” she teased.

“Nope. Too cold.”

“I’mma give ya a piggy back ride! Can’t do dat  if ya all the way over there!” she exclaimed before disappearing beneath the water again. I tentatively immersed myself, a wave of water covered over my golden brown skin.


She was back up and ogling me as she bobbed above the water.

“Come ‘ere den.”

I silently doggy paddled closer to her and she took me into her arms; she wrapped them around me and at once we were facing each other.

“Well this is nice” Karen chuckled to herself.

Our skin was slick against one another. Two seals in the moonlight.

“So you live here in this big house by yourself? Pfft. Lucky. I wish I could live on my own.” I explained.

Her mood seemed to darken; a veil of secrecy went over her blue eyes.


“Iss nothin’. I don’t live here alone. Well, I kinda do, but I didn’t always. Dat’s not what the lease says.” She looked troubled but managed to eke out a small, unconvincing laugh.

“Then who lives here?” A surge of fear raced through me and stabbed at my heart; my mind immediately filled with visions of murderous step-sons or reclusive uncles that thirsted for blood, especially if it came from young women.

“Ma wife.”

“YOU’RE WIFE?” My stomach felt like it was trying to come out of my ass, “YOU’RE MARRIED!!?!”

“HAW HAW HAW calm down, youngin’. I’m married. I’m married. Been married a long time but I mean do you really wanna sit here and talk about my wife right now? I got you here, you got me here, das all dat matters right now.”

I continued on despite myself, “What!!?! Where is she?”

“Gone. Just…gone.”

“You kind of failed to mention this back at the bar.” I scoffed and rolled my eyes so hard I thought I would black out from the sheer act of it. We were still clinging to each other in a tight embrace as we bobbed along in the water. I could faintly hear TV programs changing in rapid succession: I had failed to see Christina come back outside and reposition herself at the bar. She was on her 80th Marlboro of the night and was calmly flicking through channels while I was busy playing mistress to a 47 year old woman.

“Oh my goodness. Does she know…like…that I’m here?” I did not know what I wanted to know. The situation was pretty obvious but I felt she needed to explain it nonetheless.

“Naw…she…she don’t know. Why do ya care anyway? I told ja, don’t worry ‘bout it.”

“Uh, I told you that I don’t want to be murdered tonight. What’s she going to say when she comes out here and finds us in the pool together, half naked and drunk?”


Apparently my concern was comical. A thrill of irritation surged through me.

With a forceful shimmy, she knew to let me out of her embrace.  I floated freely on my back before propping myself up on my feet, “I’m cold. I’m going to get out.”

I mounted the stair case of the pool with full intent to grab my belongings and run for the mountains. When I turned back to look at her, I saw she was doing laps. I pulled a towel around myself and walked up to Christina, “Dude. She’s married. Let’s go.”

“Shesss swat?” Slurred my best friend.

“MARRIED!!! AND you’re drunk! We have to go” I exclaimed in an urgent whisper.

“Nott chett…I can’t drive…”

Her eyes were glassy and she took another sip from the Bud Light can in her left hand. I wanted to slap it out of her grip and then punch her in the face. “I can’t believe this. You were supposed to drive us away from this mess if it turned out to be shady! I cannot drive stick, Christina! FUCK!”

“I will. I will. Raelene. Lemme finisshh this beer and have sssum cigarettesss ‘n I’ll…I’ll drive…”

I knew I was too intoxicated to drive away from Karen the Married Woman; and even if I were not, manual transmission was just as foreign to me as the reason why I went home with a stranger from the gay bar in the first place.