Whores, sluts and such…

Alright. This one is for the girls and the boys. The topic is the usage of the words ‘whore, slut and cunt.”  I made a video which is posted on YouTube, explaining the “idiocracy” that surrounds people who use these words as epithets. Our society, at large, congratulates those who demean women (or females who identify as women) and try to gain some sort of ‘upper hand’.

Well, listen…here is Exhibit A:

  • Cunt- “ female” the monosyllable,” M.E. cunte “female genitalia,” *geu- “hollow place”

Ok people: calling someone a ‘cunt’ is simply referring to them as a biological female, which is not offensive. Now I understand, how it has been manipulated into a term of vulgarity, but the origin still stands strong. Basically, the usage of the word ‘cunt,’ in this century, is used to demean and subjugate, like “oh you’re a woman, you have a vagina, and you suck.” I recognize how it’s being used, but it’s incorrect. There is nothing offensive or tragic about having a vagina (or a ‘cunt’) so, if you’re calling someone a cunt, you’re calling them a “vagina”: which is a super- cool body part for 49.78% of the worlds’ population. I think it’s an amazing word, to describe an amazing group of people.

Moving on to ‘slut…we all know how this one is used: if a girl does who she wants and someone finds out about it, then this little word flies out, rapid-fire. When I think of the word “slut” I think these two things:

1) A woman who fucks who she wants and everyone is mad about it.

OR (not and/or, just OR)

2) A girl who is extremely, extremely sexual promiscuous and lets everyone know it. (I’m saying they’re bangin’ a new dick or chick every week or so).

Now with that being said, about 0.10% of people who use this word, actually know someone who is THAT promiscuous.  Everyone else who is walking around calling any girl who gets laid and likes it, a “slut” which just means they’re just jealous and/or stupid.  They’ll also use it for a girl who cheats, or is emotionally/sexually deceiving. All this blabbering and name-calling is just to disempower girls, and honey, I am not buying it.

Thankfully, the word, “slut” is being used on the guys too (these days), which, is good because if you’re going to use a dumb epithet against someone, at least don’t discriminate on who you use it on…last time I checked the guys are just as ‘bad’ as the ladies when it comes to keeping their pants zipped up.

Whore…is used just the same as ‘slut’ basically. Whore WAS a sexual deity who would help release the sexual and emotional frustrations of those in the community-they were gurus, and considered to beGoddesses. Now, fast forward to our jacked up, present-day society, “whore” is used for a woman who doesn’t sit around twirling her thumbs waiting for prince charming to swoop down and marry her. Ok, marriage is fine and dandy, as is monogamy, but monogamy/commitment is not the choice every woman makes (or wants). And she doesn’t have to. Girls can choose to fuck 1 person or 10 people, but if it’s what she wants then it’s 100% OKAY. So whoever goes around spittin’ the word ‘whore’ as if it’s a negative word, is clearly intimidated and most likely, is a brainwashed peon who agrees with the systematic control and subjugation of females.

And what is so sad about it, is these words are often used by women more then men! Girls are turning against each other because they’re entirely ignorant about their own sexual power!

And let me tell ya. Anyone who blurts these words out and means them in a hurtful way; they are not a friend to me. Because I certainly do not support misogyny and I do not tolerate it.

There ya go. Learn some history before you start flapping you gums and making yourself appear sexist and uneducated.


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