Girls, Strange Fruit…

I am pretty into GIRLS. You know, the band that I cannot stop listening to right now; and they are going to be at Coachella next month, which by the way is the only thing on my mind. My tickets came in and the hotel is booked for 4 days. Yay for me!

This is my favorite video by GIRLS. I think the cinematography is just lovely. It’s trendy to have a slow-motion, obscure hipster-style video circulating these days, but this one for their first single in 2008 titled “HELLHOLE RATRACE”, is absolutely beautiful. There are music videos that leave you with a smirk on your face and you are like, “OK…that was a video…” but then there are ones that completely transfix the audience, suck you in and make you feel part of whatever is going on. This one belongs to the latter category.

In other news, I am reading a book about Billie Holiday and the effects that her song, “Strange Fruit” had upon cafe society in the early 1940s.

I found a video on YouTube of a rare live performance of the song. It cracked open many discussions of civil rights, racial injustice and primarily, the horrors of lynching. With one tune, she was able to disturb and enlighten her audience.

Billie Holiday was truly one of the most amazing talents to ever grace this world. Seldom, do I respect the vapid “Disney” artists of today, the iTunes robots and auto-tune celebrities. They are a shame to music in comparison to the true talent and vocal capability of singers of the past: especially Lady Day. The peaks of her voice were absolutely unparallelled, Holiday had resplendent vocal control. It was beautiful how she would stand there and let heaven come from her mouth without even straining. There was no need to prance around in glittery underpants, stage a nip-slip or use pyrotechnics to distract the audience. Clearly it was a different era and she could not have done those things anyway, but you get my point.

Here is the video of her performing Strange Fruit, I hope you all enjoy it!


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