harsh but true

I am a very fashion-driven, beauty-crazed, health-conscious person (well, I care about my body A LOT, even though I have strong cravings for Doritos and soft drinks). I noticed that I have always been into looking my best no matter what: come mail box, or high water!

High school was an interesting time for me, because I stood out, due to the way I carried myself and the clothes I would wear.While most kids in the hallways were donning the latest from Hollister, I was rockin’ my mom’s neon-yellow skirt-suit from the seventies. Hey, what can I say? Style never goes out of style. In addition, I was always working out or watching what I ate. At home, I was doing skin care regimens and various “beauty treatments” to keep myself relatively resembling a human being. Still do.

{exhibits, a, b & c. myself, at 14 years old in my school-day attire.}

Something that I have noticed, much to my horror, are the way people’s appearances decline so dramatically from high school. The 9-12th grade years seem their best looking time for many people. I find that fact to be very sad! (And scary!) I often run into folks I knew back then and they have packed on 25-40 pounds or are covered in badly done tattoos… or just look crazy. I do not get understand why that is. Aren’t you supposed to get MORE attractive as you experience your twenties!? I did not get the memo about slowly turning into a monster.

The phrase “letting yourself go”, should only be applicable once over a certain age. And i mean…like, 70. Anytime before that, if you stop taking care of yourself it is a bad sign. I will see alumni who had braces all through school and now their teeth are crooked again and super yellow, I think they just fall into a routine of absolute laziness.

Basically, I feel that with all the beauty trends, the constant influx of advertising showing how to look and how to stay fit, it baffles me to see people who were once nice looking decline, slowly and steadily. I mean, the local Walgreens is full of hair dye, toothpaste, dietary agents, perfumes, lotions, potions…even clothes! So there is no excuse to me. Just saying.


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