Books & Riots

I am really enjoying my mini vacation here in Flagstaff, AZ; the drive up here was pleasant, the weather is bright and brilliant as always. And at night, the air is sweet and cool, a perfect low temperature.

Tonight, I will probably drag my sister to the movies and to Coldstone to indulge in my favorite ice cream combination: cake batter + cookie dough + cinnamon crumb s+ gummy bears. My dad and I were arguing this morning about how I “can’t have ice cream for breakfast.” His defense was that it will make me fat, and it is the “worst” thing I could eat in the morning. My rebuttal is: I am 20 years old, if I want to eat ice cream for every meal, by golly I will!

At the local bookstore, I bought this beautiful treasure:

In summary, the book details a college students’ political commentary and otherwise during his stay at Columbia University from 1966-68. Heck yeah. Anything like this makes my brain pulse; I only like to read about taboos, politics, and people who have the blood of a rebel (like me, yet are trapped in the streets of soul-draining suburbia plotting an escape).

I only search for books that are considered controversial; anything that keeps me inspired. I am in a political mood right now, because I am watching the movie Milk for the first time; it is the only DVD my sister has besides X-Men First Class which does not interest me, whatsoever. So, there.

La vie boheme!


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