10 Best Questions by Saturday!

So, I totally dug making a vlog. Video blog, whatever…and I have decided to make another one next week. Ask me interesting questions and I will pick the best 10 and respond to them. They can be about whatever, just try and be nice. Please submit them here in a comment, or via my Tumblr page which is ageoftheaquarius.tumblr.com; if we’re bestiezzz and you are my pal on Facebook, you can message me a question there too. Alright 🙂



down with Sunday

This blog is for many purposes, I do not intend to just complain. But, complaining is just so much fun. I thought I had to go to work at 10:45 this morning so I figured I needed to wake up by 8. (Since my job is like 35 minutes away). I started dreading it from the night before; it was all I COULD THINK ABOUT…not wanting to go, etc. So I get home and I am in such a tizzy, that I forget to set my alarm. Then from sheer anxiety about missing my alarm and/or having to get up in the first place, I do not sleep well. I fall asleep around 4 am, and end up waking up at 10am. Shit, right? Well, let me bring up this point: I was not even 100% sure I had to work!

So I get up (tired as I have ever been in my life, literally sick from fatigue) and I start getting dressed. I decide to call my boss when I am on the freeway and it is 11:00am by this point. She was like “oh, you don’t work today, I don’t think, but can you come in anyway from 3-7?” So here I am fully dressed and 2/3 of the way to work. I turn all the way back around. I have to admit that everything is my fault here. I should have known my schedule and I wouldn’t have had to call, and therefore would not have to work today. I should have also went to bed at 10pm or something, knowing I would have anxiety for 2 hours about the next day. Might as well give myself 2 hours to calm down. Ha ha.

HERE I AM. waiting, patiently for 2:00pm to arrive so I can go to my shift. I feel like someone has hit me all over my body with a baseball bat. I DON’T LIKE SUNDAYS.


November lights

It’s November again. it’s come for me once again. I sit in the coffee shop filled with scent of heavy, fragrant coffee beans, the lights in the place glow very low and holiday-like. The wind is cold and the sky has been dark all day, alternating from a stark, impressive white, to a high-spirited grey-blue. Bobby D. plays on the café radio. I try to concentrate on my book but the excitement of it all makes my hands shake. I steal a glance at the talking women a table away, one with curly hair and a plaid shirt on. People sit outside and drink their coffee. A girl arches her back, in a slinky way and pulls a pack of red and white cigarettes from her pocket; her dark, slightly curled hair hangs around her face gently. I see her dark, Indian eyes, much like mine: black and sweetly haunted with the change of seasons.

I sip at my orange juice in the same red leather racing jacket I wore in December of last year. I ache for a cigarette or some food. My friend promises cigarettes when I arrive at the party tonight. The whole pack she is giving me, gratis.

The sunset now bursts out surprisingly; pink and hot-orange mixed with the blue, and it’s burning. I smell nothing but coffee and sugar. My very breaths are now just coffee and sugar, I feel warm and anxious. Anxious to be outside in the wind and just stand there, that is how I always feel around this time. Like I must stand in one place and stare because soon it will be Spring again, much too soon. Much, much too soon. The girls at the table, lilt out their conversation in a different language. People come and go, the door always opening. Feist now plays on the intercom; I’m in bliss. I just want to melt into the cold and spin around in that sacred feeling.


Ah, I am bored. What is new? (Not me being bored obviously). I hate Sunday’s. I feel they should be banished from the calendar. I know they exist for the party animals to let their livers regenerate. And for the church goers to pack into a place of prayer for a few hours before they go into the day to be ornery and full of ridicule. Oops. That slipped.

Anyway, I was thinking about a few phrases that I find ridiculous. Allow me to share.

1) “day-to-day” example: “Beth always makes sure she applies those principles to her day-to-day life”. This bothers me so much. WHAT OTHER TYPE OF LIFE DO YOU HAVE BUT DAY-TO-DAY? It is such a mindless, overused statement. News flash, everything we do is day-to-day. That is what life is: days. It is trying to say that some things are menial, and done daily and at other times we participate in things that are not “day-to-day” like, marching in the Macy’s Day Parade alongside Rihanna. I get it, alright. I just find it annoying.

2) “giving back” example: “I am doing my best to “give back” to the community by volunteering.” GIVING BACK WHAT? I have noticed some things about “a community” and let me tell you, I am not sure it can take much of what it dishes out! Community is an illusion anyway. It is just a bunch of people who do not like each other, an array of grocery stores and schools, forced on everyone equally. “Helping out” would be a much more acceptable catch-phrase here.

3) “sexual favor” example: “you must report if anyone asks you for a unwanted sexual favor” Oh jee, well I did not know sexual activity was a gift to someone. Like,
“here, let me help you out with a nice sexual favor, sweetie!” Sexual contact in whatever context is not lovingly bestowed upon some lucky individual. That is just nonsense. This one is basically working related jargon, not something said in conversations, but it still makes me uneasy.

I am sure I can think of some more horrifying phrases; there are plenty to go around!

La vie boheme!


Swedish Fish

I am quite the sucker for pop groups from Sweden. I just discovered Those Dancing Days, and I am addicted. I did not know an obsession could hit so quickly and with such intensity. Ha, dramatics anyone? But, they are just PERFECT. I love their music, love their style, envy their talent! Here is a link to an interview in 2007:


If you actually watch it, you are awesome.

Also included in this music package in which I am so kindly delivering, is a music video for their song “Fuckarias”


Much to my horror, while ravenously searching through their website, this brilliant band is going on a hiatus to pursue other endeavors. Which basically means, “this is it guys, you will never see us again”. Pity. I was just about to check their page for USA tour dates. Yes, when I like something, I like it.

Alright, that is all I have to say for right now. I will go back to playing Crash Bandicoot Warped and blaring music from YouTube. I have to beat this last level in the game so I can access all the blue sapphire crystals. It is very important stuff I tell ya.

La Vie Boheme!

harsh but true

I am a very fashion-driven, beauty-crazed, health-conscious person (well, I care about my body A LOT, even though I have strong cravings for Doritos and soft drinks). I noticed that I have always been into looking my best no matter what: come mail box, or high water!

High school was an interesting time for me, because I stood out, due to the way I carried myself and the clothes I would wear.While most kids in the hallways were donning the latest from Hollister, I was rockin’ my mom’s neon-yellow skirt-suit from the seventies. Hey, what can I say? Style never goes out of style. In addition, I was always working out or watching what I ate. At home, I was doing skin care regimens and various “beauty treatments” to keep myself relatively resembling a human being. Still do.

{exhibits, a, b & c. myself, at 14 years old in my school-day attire.}

Something that I have noticed, much to my horror, are the way people’s appearances decline so dramatically from high school. The 9-12th grade years seem their best looking time for many people. I find that fact to be very sad! (And scary!) I often run into folks I knew back then and they have packed on 25-40 pounds or are covered in badly done tattoos… or just look crazy. I do not get understand why that is. Aren’t you supposed to get MORE attractive as you experience your twenties!? I did not get the memo about slowly turning into a monster.

The phrase “letting yourself go”, should only be applicable once over a certain age. And i mean…like, 70. Anytime before that, if you stop taking care of yourself it is a bad sign. I will see alumni who had braces all through school and now their teeth are crooked again and super yellow, I think they just fall into a routine of absolute laziness.

Basically, I feel that with all the beauty trends, the constant influx of advertising showing how to look and how to stay fit, it baffles me to see people who were once nice looking decline, slowly and steadily. I mean, the local Walgreens is full of hair dye, toothpaste, dietary agents, perfumes, lotions, potions…even clothes! So there is no excuse to me. Just saying.

Books & Riots

I am really enjoying my mini vacation here in Flagstaff, AZ; the drive up here was pleasant, the weather is bright and brilliant as always. And at night, the air is sweet and cool, a perfect low temperature.

Tonight, I will probably drag my sister to the movies and to Coldstone to indulge in my favorite ice cream combination: cake batter + cookie dough + cinnamon crumb s+ gummy bears. My dad and I were arguing this morning about how I “can’t have ice cream for breakfast.” His defense was that it will make me fat, and it is the “worst” thing I could eat in the morning. My rebuttal is: I am 20 years old, if I want to eat ice cream for every meal, by golly I will!

At the local bookstore, I bought this beautiful treasure:

In summary, the book details a college students’ political commentary and otherwise during his stay at Columbia University from 1966-68. Heck yeah. Anything like this makes my brain pulse; I only like to read about taboos, politics, and people who have the blood of a rebel (like me, yet are trapped in the streets of soul-draining suburbia plotting an escape).

I only search for books that are considered controversial; anything that keeps me inspired. I am in a political mood right now, because I am watching the movie Milk for the first time; it is the only DVD my sister has besides X-Men First Class which does not interest me, whatsoever. So, there.

La vie boheme!

In with the New

Scrounging around in search of new music is fun. I read through a few copies of Spin Magazine today; and it just inspires me so much. Writing for a publication like that is my “dream” career which will be my “actual” career one day. Music journalism is the best. It is so exciting to read amazing articles and see the beautiful pictures of my favorite artists. SIGH. I want to do that.

I stumbled across two bands today that caught my interest: Cults, and Little Dragon.

Yes, I might be behind on discovering them, but at least I finally did.

I’m posting a music video of a Cults song, it’s called You Know What I Mean.

I am not sure if this is an original video or a YouTube user’s compilation, but whatever, the song is what counts!

La Vie Boheme!