Coffee is Just Delicious

I’m chillin’ in this Barnes and Noble coffee shop, and the thought hit me dead in the chest: I LOVE COFFEE SHOPS. Yep, super hip right? I’m even rocking my slightly disheveled top-knot and Forever 21 earrings. I should probably take a Polaroid of it. But, no, seriously, I love coffee shops because people are so friendly! And smart people hang out in places like this: students, fledgling novelists, bookworms, fashionista types, brooding men with beards…it is awesome.

And coffee, is my latest obsession. My friends drink a lot of coffee-so consider the bandwagon jumped. My favorite drink is a Venti, iced, decaf Cinnamon Dolce Latte with whipped cream. I could gulp down 3 of those bad boys a day, if they were not 5 dollars a pop. I ain’t Donald Trump, okay.

In other news, I am on a frantic job hunt (like always), and about to trade in my vagabond roots (temporarily) so I can ya know, afford gasoline. I went to a staffing agency, and talked to this dashing young gentleman, and as I was leaving a nice stranger in the lobby gave me a 10 page list of great job sites that hire immediately! She just started talking to me, and told me exactly what to do to get the job I want. AWESOME. Holy cow, there are nice people out there, who would have thought it. Very encouraging.

I’m rambling here. I have a lot on my mind. Last night I had a serious of grotesque nightmares all night, about murders, robberies and deaths. It was simply awful. And I know the reason why: I constantly sit at home and watch the First 48 on A & E. I have got to stop; before I was not convinced I had to cut back, but now I know I have to quit-that stuff is messing with my subconcious mind!

Alright, this has become lengthy enough.

P.S. – a big bohemian THANK YOU to all my friends who support me by reading my blog, and giving me feedback. You all rock! 🙂

La vie boheme!



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