A Little Something About Joan Baez

I am tired. I could just crawl right back into my bed. It seems like I only want to sleep when I know I ‘should’ be up. Annoying, really. Do you know how sometimes you can wake up in a mood for a certain type of music/artist that you listen to all day? Well, I am sure that has happened…today, i just do not have a music mood. I am usually into two similar sounding bands, at the same time, day to day. For example on Monday it is Fleet Foxes and Vetiver; Tuesday it is Jimi Hendrix and the Black Keys, etc.

Since I have nothing, I am going to go with what I know will always be an amazing choice: Joan Baez. Now, half of you reading this are squinting at the name and putting it into Google, the other half are smiling slightly right along with me.

I mean, Joan is like…a queen. Bob Dylan once described her voice as having the ability to ‘jar a corpse’. He is totally right on that account. I am going to come out right now and say that I am very affronted by Top 40 music (unless it’s Adele), and avoid it at all costs. But some of that crap, has entered my brain along the way, and I cannot help but wonder who the hell would want to listen to Katy Perry over Joan Baez? Justin Beiber over Donovan? Selena Gomez over The Cars? (only in their Heartbeat City days, of course). It just doesn’t make sense.

So, today I shall celebrate the Saturday afternoon with some Joan Baez; somehow it seems fitting enough.

La Vie Boheme!



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